City Government in Florence Kentucky

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  2. March 14, 2013 5:56 pm

City Government in Florence Kentucky

City Government in Florence, Kentucky

Public Safety
The City of Florence maintains a professionally-trained and fully staffed police force, fire rescue service and EMS first responder service. These public safety professionals live and work in Florence and have a vested interest in keeping our streets safe and secure for their own families, and for all citizens and visitors to our part of Boone County. Your mind can rest at ease knowing that Florence is a safe and comfortable community because our safety forces have your back every day.

School Systems
The public education system in Florence is exemplary, offering separate elementary, middle and high school buildings, many of which are new or recently renovated. We maintain the best technology to teach today’s students to succeed in an ever-changing world, and we ensure that our students are learning in safe and fulfilling environments. The City of Florence also offers award-winning private education through Heritage Academy, a Christian school dedicated to providing a religious foundation to each student’s education. With valuable education options on both public and private schools, Florence is a great place to raise your family.

Library Resources
With a popular Boone County Public Library branch located within our city’s boundaries, children and adults have free and convenient access to all the latest publications, circulars, novels, reference books and information technology. Librarians are always available to answer questions, and the library offers easy self-checkout options and free wireless internet access. Library patrons are also welcome to participate in numerous educational experiences each year, ranging in topic from nature photography to genealogical research to beginner’s yoga. Stop by the library for a free calendar of monthly events, and register for your favorites today.

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